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Summer Day Camp Assistant Site Director 2024 (2903295)

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TitleSummer Day Camp Assistant Site Director 2024
Posting ID2903295

Summer Day Camp Assistant Site Director 2024


4-6 positions


Primary Purpose:

This position is highly focused on the development of people, from campers to the leadership team, in our program.  They will provide mentorship, support, encouragement, and coaching to staff and campers.  There are also administrative responsibilities such as prepping, and the facilitation of field trips and cabin times associated with the position.  As a team of three, the two assistant site directors and the site director will work together to oversee the daily operations of camp.


Assistant Site Directors comprise part of the camp leadership team and the directors team.  They will report directly to the Site Director.



  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Have obtained or currently working towards a Bachelor’s degree in a related field.
  • Two years of experience in a childcare related field


Special Knowledge / Skills

  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Ability to lead and give direction to others
  • Ability to work and collaborate effectively and professionally with a team
  • Ability to operate a motor vehicle
  • Ability to safely operate 15 passenger van
  • Ability to lead staff trainings related to your responsibilities
  • Organized and can manage time well
  • Working knowledge and ability to use Google platform (drive, docs, spreadsheets, etc.) and email
  • Working knowledge and ability to use virtual meeting platforms such as ZOOM or Google Meet



  • Experience working with school-age children in a school, after school or summer program
  • Experience in developing, coaching, or mentoring others in a work or organization setting
  • Leadership experience



  • Must be First Aid and CPR certified (can be trained by SDC).
  • Must participate in the Child Abuse Awareness training.
  • Must attend leadership team retreat, staff applicant interview day, staff retreat for camp training, planning, and any other designated staff training/development.
  • Will need to maintain 15-20 hours of continuing education each year


Responsibilities (but not limited to):



  • Be knowledgeable about and adhere to proper procedures and expectations set forth by the Texas Health and Human Services / Department of Family Protective Services, the Summer Day Camp handbook, and the school district employee handbook.
  • Must be committed, caring, and understanding; they must be aware that they are to be positive role models for the campers and staff.
  • Portraying a professional and positive attitude and using leadership qualities effectively.
  • Assist in any other duties or responsibilities assigned by the Site Director



  • Actively assists in overseeing the total operation of their site.
  • Oversees proper procedures and expectations are being followed by staff.
  • Sees to it that campers are supervised carefully at all times.
  • Ensuring physical and emotional safety practices are being implemented by all employees.
  • Maintains all building facilities, camp supplies, and equipment with care and pride. Reports any hazards to the Site Director.



  • Assists in planning, reviews, approves, coordinates, and prepares cabin time and spaces.
  • Coordinate and facilitate field trips and field trip procedures.
  • Work with the SAA to prepare camper accountability sheets for field trips.
  • Direct and work with Health Care staff to prepare camper medications, documentation, and travel supplies for field trips.
  • Requesting supplies for cabin times via Google Spreadsheet.
  • Oversees and assists in prepping, sorting, cleaning, and storing of supplies and equipment related to cabin time and field trips.
  • Assists in overseeing daily cleaning duties are completed thoroughly.
  • Able to weekly dedicate several hours of planning and meeting with leadership and directors in the months leading up to camp starting.
  • Attend weekly staff and leadership meetings. Lead their portion of meetings as assigned
  • Assist leadership team and director team in planning and implementing staff training and events prior to camp.
  • Meet assigned deadlines.


Communication & Development:

  • Portrays a professional and positive attitude and utilizes leadership qualities effectively.
  • Actively supports, coaches, sets goals, and provides feedback to staff, program leads, activity leads, and campers on a regular basis.
  • Provide constructive feedback, redirect, and address performance concerns with staff, program leads, activity leads, and campers appropriately if needed.
  • Provide feedback to the site director addressing staff concerns and successes.
  • Provide feedback to the site director for staff evaluations.
  • Maintains open communication and good relationships with parents; communicating concerns with camper(s) and successes
  • Communicates and interacts with district and school personnel.



  • ACTIVELY participating in activities of small and large groups.
  • ACTIVELY supporting staff during activities, discipline, planning responsibilities
  • The ability to laugh at oneself.
  • Is willing to get messy with food items, paint, water, shaving cream, etc.
  • Take initiative to solve problems, clean up, or take charge when needed.
  • Able to adapt and be flexible when needed.


Working Conditions:

  • This is a physically demanding position.
    • Ability to be on their feet for long periods of time
    • Ability to safely lift and carry heavy equipment and supplies
    • Ability to stoop and bend
  • Maintain emotional control and professionalism under stress.


Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary Range$14.00 - $16.00 / Per Hour

Applications Accepted

Start Date01/22/2024
End Date05/24/2024

Job Contact

NameChad GardnerTitleDirector of Community Education